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    50 mins of full bike workout - from uphill climbs to steady flat roads all the way back to downhill sprints!

    The music will surround you as you match your feet to the beat:

    • quality instruction putting you through your paces

    • push yourself with the option to always take it at your own pace


    Spinning is an all round workout for EVERY fitness level! Brand new equipment to make the job (a little) easier.

    Let’s cruise through this together whether you’re an established spinner or new to the saddle!

  • SPIN & HiiT

    SPin & HiiT class is the best of both worlds!


    45 mins of the perfect mix of bike work and intense, snappy workouts!


    High intensity workouts with kettlebells, weighted plates and whatever else is in the mix! Rounds for time or circuit style you just don’t know what the workout will entail!


    Strength and Conditioning classes are 60-minute sessions that will get you stronger through the use of functional movements. Nothing builds strength and burns calories like compound training, if you want to get that “toned” body or add some muscle, this is the class for you.

    Strength & Conditioning classes are tailored to all of our clients needs, with regular assessment by the coaching staff. This group-training format allows clients of all strength levels to achieve their goals in a relaxed and encouraging environment. 

    Benefits of the Strength & Conditioning class:

    • increased lean muscle mass

    • improved strength

    • increased functional ability, posture and mobility

    • burns calories long after the workout is done


    The MetCon class is a 30-minute session designed to target muscular endurance and improve cardiovascular fitness.

    A high intensity workout using a combination of strength/resistance training methods with anaerobic conditioning exercises. Post session, the metabolism can remain in an elevated state for up to 48 hours, this means your body continuously burns fat throughout the day even after you stop exercising. MetCon Classes are perfect for burning fat and excess calories!


    The short nature of the class means it is also a perfect lunchtime class and perfect for people who might struggle to find time for the gym or want a fast, effective workout.